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Introducing Huntsville House

Huntsville is my "Happy Place." The place where we gather with friends and family to play, relax and connect. It's a magical place to create happy memories for all who have ever been here. Huntsville started as my husbands teenage dream and became what we hope will be our legacy for generations to come.

Huntsville is a small farming town nested in a rolling mountain valley. For us it's the perfect scenario. Proximity is key, it is a one hour and fifteen minute drive from door to door, which makes it easy and convenient to go for several weeks or just an afternoon. Because it's close friends and family, including our own teenage girls and all their friends, come and go like on a revolving door, which I love!

Our home sits on a peninsula, surrounded on three sides by lake. Summers are filled with daily boating, swimming, kyaking, paddle boarding and walks on sandy beaches. There are also a plethora of gorgeous biking and hiking trails winding all over the surrounding mountains, which is a major bonus for my Mt. Biking obsessed hubby.

Winters are snowy, with three ski resorts within a 20 minute drive. Snowbasin, my personal favorite (more on that in another post) is a quick ten minute drive from the house. Huntsville Town has a fabulous community park, which they flood each winter to create an open-air iceskating rink which is usually populated with local kids playing ice-hockey.

Friends often ask if we will eventually sell our home in Draper to make Huntsville our primary residence, the answer is a decided "no." Part of what makes Huntsville magical is that it is an escape from the everyday grind, a little oasis of peace; if we lived there all the time, the grid would just move with us to Huntsville and that would kill the magic. Also, Huntsville is a bit too isolated for my everyday living lifestyle, I crave the hustle and busy of my regular life, I actually like the grind! ...until I don't, then I crave an escape from that hustle and bustle and I need just a minute to run away to my happy place to breath deeply. I have the best of both worlds, together they complete me.

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